B4ST needs you - volunteer your helpB4ST needs you!

Most of the B4RN network is being built by local volunteers and landowners who know their community and the lie of the land. Each area that rises to the B4RN challenge has found it a wonderfully empowering and socially engaging opportunity. There’s nothing like building something for yourself and having that sense of pride and ownership!

Building the network at community level is actually quite straightforward and with guidance and support from B4RN anyone can do it. The community’s energy and interaction become quite infectious and many volunteers choose to stay on and help other areas get up and running long after they themselves are connected. And it’s not all about digging holes, volunteers are needed for…

  • Informing the community and encouraging investment

  • Walking routes and agreeing wayleaves with landowners

  • Coordinating site work between volunteers and landowners

  • Fieldwork of laying duct and installing chambers

  • Advising property owners and helping to install their house fittings

  • Baking for volunteers – our army marches on tea and cake!

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer and offering helpin any way to the B4ST project, please drop us a line via our ‘REGISTER YOUR INTEREST‘ form