Buying Shares in B4RN

If you would like to invest in B4RN Stainton, here is a summary of what is involved:

  • The minimum investment is £100.
  • The maximum investment is £100,000.
  • No matter how many shares you own you have only one vote in B4RN’s policy decision-making. This is because B4RN is a Community Benefit Society, not a commercial company so the laws governing it are different from ordinary companies.
  • Those who invest £1500 or more will qualify for a free £150 connection.
  • If you are a landowner and earn £1500 or more of shares by installing the fibre network across your land, you will be eligible for a free connection and one year’s subscription to the service.
  • Shares must be held for a minimum of 3 years.
  • Shares cannot be sold or given to anyone else; they can only be sold back to B4RN at their face value of £1 each.
  • You can nominate a person to whom your shares can be transferred on your death.
  • You do not have to have your property connected to the B4RN network and do not have to subscribe to the service in order to invest in it.
  • If you live outside the parish of Stainton, you can still invest in B4RN shares; there are no restrictions about residence.
  • If you are a business and wish to buy shares you will not be able to claim EIS tax relief. 5% interest will be paid from the fourth year of your investment.
  • Up to 5% interest is paid as an additional share allocation based on the holding on 30th November. It will compound with the rest of the holding, but can be redeemed for cash.
  • In December share holders receive a letter telling them how many shares they have and how many new ones have been allocated by way of interest. At the same time they receive a redemption form which they can fill in to show how many of the interest-shares they wish to cash in. This form must be returned to B4RN by 31st January after which the shares paid as interest revert to ordinary shares.
  • Due to changes in EIS legislation, investors will now receive interest from day 1 backdated to when the investment was received. The current interest rate is 5%, but this may change from year to year depending on how well B4RN is doing, which is the same as for all our shares. We hope that the community will continue to support us and buy shares in B4RN so as to allow us to build out to more areas and connect more rural properties desperately in need of high-quality broadband. Whilst it’s a disappointment that the 30% tax relief previously offered in the first three years of investment no longer applies, the current 5% per annum interest paid on B4RN shares is an attractive return given current interest rates.
  • If you have any questions about buying shares in B4RN, please contact or telephone 01524 555887. Leave your phone number and query and ask for a call back.

Download the form you need:

You can download the relevant form for investing in B4RN from the resources page of the main B4RN website.
Alternatively, here is the direct link for the share application form: DOWNLOAD FORM
You can also get share application forms on paper from your B4ST Parish Coordinator.

The easiest (and preferred) way to make your investment payment to B4RN is by BACS. If you intend to use BACS, please send an email to to obtain a reference number.

CHEQUES should be made payable to Broadband for the Rural North Limited and sent to B4RN along with your completed application form.