B4ST Update – February 2020


B4ST routes

The B4RN Stainton project work has continued this new year and will shortly be completed. The swift progress of the remaining digging has meant we now have a closing date for the project at the end of February.

Over the past two years, the B4ST Steering group, a small group of volunteers, has contributed a large amount of its time to bring this project to fruition for everyone in the parish.

After February it will still be possible to connect by dealing directly with B4RN, but the volunteers will be returning to their pre-B4ST lives.

The swift progress made recently highlights the importance for any householders who do not yet have everything in place at their properties to act now if wishing to connect to the B4RN service.

If you are unsure about what you need to do, please contact any member of the B4ST steering group below for help before the end of February.

Connection Checklist

Please consider the list below if you want the B4RN service, but are not yet connected.
You need to do the following…

  1. Let us know if you still wish to be connected (B4ST steering group contacts below).
  2. Dig the duct to your house.
  3. Install the house kit (see information and B4ST steering group contacts below).
  4. Apply for a voucher via the B4RN website.
  5. Let us know you are ready for the fibre to be blown in and then to be connected.
  6. Be available when B4RN engineers visit you to connect your property.

Installing Your House Kit

If you need help with digging or installing the house kit, please contact a member of the steering group, who will be able to put you in touch with contractors who can help you.

House kits are still available. If you need one, please speak to a member of the B4ST steering group. A list of steering group contacts is shown below.

If you want a B4RN connection, but haven’t yet registered on the B4RN website, then please do so without further delay. It is a B4RN requirement that properties must register in order to be connected. Registering is free, easy to do, and for most properties B4RN will provide a cheque for £150 when your service is live. Business connections enjoy additional benefits. Register here.

If you are unclear about anything you need to do, please contact anyone from the B4ST steering group before the end of February.

B4RN Stainton