B4ST Update – November 2019


B4ST routes

Things are moving very swiftly on the remaining routes around the parish, so we thought it would be good to give everyone an update.

We now have all wayleaves for route 4 (Barrows Green). Mole ploughing of the ducting on this route started on Monday 28 October and is already complete. The B4ST steering group has submitted a civil works request to B4RN for the one lane crossing that remains outstanding on this route and we are waiting to be advised of the date when this will be carried out. As soon as this is done, B4RN will be able to blow fibre along the route and to start to bring live connections to this area of the parish.

The swift progress on this route highlights the importance of householders having everything in place ready to go live as soon as the fibre is blown along the route. This means registering with B4RN, bringing your individual duct into your property (generally through the garden) and installing your house kit. Information on how to complete these steps and who to contact if you need assistance is given below.

Any householders along any of the other routes in the parish who have not yet received a connection to the service, please act now to ensure you are connected before the project completes. If you are unsure about what you need to do, please contact your local B4ST champion or steering group representative for help.