May 2019 Update

Routes 3 and 5 – Stainton Cross, Stainton Ford

Much of the route digging, householder digging of ducting across gardens and house kits are now installed on this route. We are now waiting for some road crossings, which need to be done by B4RN contractors. These are happening, with one near the ford done recently, see below.

Routes 1 & 2, Shyreakes, Millbridge and Halfpenny

All wayleaves for these routes have now been submitted to B4RN so it’s
now time to start digging the ducting across your gardens/land from the
perimeter to your property.

Much of this has already happened on routes 3 and 5, through the village, where people organised themselves into groups,able to help implement the digging. We also have the contact details of a number of contractors
that can help you dig ducting across your land and install the house kits. Speak to one of the B4ST steering group for more information.

Route 4 – Barrows Green… We are on our way!

Work continues on obtaining wayleaves for this area of the project and we are nearly there!
Please continue to sign up for the Gigabit Voucher Scheme if you are in this area of the parish and we will be contacting you again shortly when the exact route for digging is finalised.

Gigabit Voucher Scheme

Register Now through the B4RN website.
– It’s free and simple to do!

There are 3 easy steps to sign up to the Gigabit Voucher Scheme and we urge you please to do this as soon as you are able. The sooner all parishioners sign up to this, the quicker our project will receive it’s funding from the scheme and the quicker we can get people connected!

Sign Up

Step 1 – sign up online

Visit the ‘GET BARN’ page of the B4RN website.

The first thing you will see is a postcode checker. For postcodes in Stainton it will take you to the Voucher registration form with relevant instructions and information. Complete the details on the form.

Get connection

Step 2 – Get your connection

Once you are signed up to the scheme, you will then receive emails to ask you to confirm your connection via an online portal then verify your connection after you go live.

Look out for e-mail and check in your spam folder if you do not receive them.

Cashback for the Stainton B4RN project, businesses and households

Step 3 – Funding is unlocked!

B4RN Stainton receives cash funding as a result of your connection, meaning we can connect the whole parish quicker, and you get cash back from the scheme for connecting.

Please act now and sign up to the Gigabit Voucher Scheme…
B4RN Stainton is happening – be part of it!