In an effort to make it easier for anyone around the parish who feel they are not fully up to speed on the progress of the B4RN Stainton project, or those on upcoming routes in Halfpenny, Millbridge or Barrows Green areas of the parish, wanting to know more about when the B4RN Stainton project will be coming through their neighbourhood, the B4ST Steering Group have elected project ‘neighbourhood champions’.

These people are specifically located in each area of the parish and have volunteered to act as project champions, to help answer any day-to-day questions you may have about the progress of the project in your neighbourhood.

The B4ST neighbourhood champions are:
Barrows Green & The Helm – Joe Bowman & Ian Little             
Bridge End & Field End – Marianne Bastille   
Crosscrake & Shyreakes – Pauline Kelly
HalfPenny – Nick Matthews & Graeme Green
Millbridge Lane – John Weighman  
Stainton Cross – Geoff Wilson or Rob Cowley
Stainton Village & North to A65 – Mike Wright, Paul Gallagher & Pauline Kelly

If you have any questions about B4RN in your part of the parish, speak to your local neighbourhood champion from the list above and they will try to help.