Householders from Stainton attending the training session

The Household connection training which took place on Thursday 10th January was a great success, with a great turnout of people from Stainton coming along to find out more.

There was a great turnout for the session, which included an update on the progress of the project, from B4RN Stainton digging coordinator Mike Wright; followed by a training session with Dave Ryall from B4RN, which provided lots of information to volunteers and householders in the first phase of our project on routes 3 and 5.

Mike explained how the digging of routes 3 and 5 had been a huge success, had progressed swiftly and he explained that we are now waiting for B4RN to engage in the digging work on major road crossings and the installation of the main cabinet which will be located at Crosscrake Church.