Digging Has Started
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Digging commencing on Stainton B4RN project

Digging for the B4RN Stainton project has started!
In the past week, digging contractors have commenced the laying of fibre cable ducting to connect the B4RN Stainton project.

This first section of cabling duct runs from the existing B4RN network at Viver through to the site of the main cabinet which will be installed at Crosscrake Church.

The rest of the first route will be dug in over the next few weeks, so this is a particularly exciting time for Stainton’s community project.

Check out the videos below showing the cabling being laid. The first video shows the mole plough turning the ground to lay the cable duct. The second video shows the tidying of the cabling route and what a tidy job is made of the cabling route – you can barely see it at all when it is dug in.

Installing cabling duct
Installing cabling duct
Tidying after cabling duct is installed

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