March 2018 (Newsletter no. 2)

The B4ST Newsletter – keeping you up to date on all the latest developments in the project to bring
B4RN hyper-fast broadband service to Stainton.

B4ST Steering Group Meeting 1st March

The B4ST steering group met on 1st March, (in VERY snowy conditions) to discuss the project, where we are up to and what needs to be done next.

The steering group meetings are essential to keep the project moving forward and according to timescale.
During the meeting, the group discussed a number of items and a lot of progress has been made with the initial stages of planning the route through the parish.

B4RN have produced an initial proposed plan of how they think the route could work, connecting everyone that is interested. The initial plan indicates 4 branches for the network to take, covering the whole parish. From this initial route plan, members of the steering group will be looking at each of these branches, applying local knowledge and refining the routes before our next meeting.

Once the best proposed routes have been mapped, the group can then liaise with landowners to agree permission for the route through their land where necessary. There is a large amount of work involved in mapping and agreeing the routes, and it can change several times during this process, so it may seem that this part of the process takes time, but it is important to do it correctly, get it right and find the best, most economical route for the network.

As the proposed route may change a number of times during the current stage of work, we are not publishing a map at present, but will do so on the B4ST website and newsletter as soon as we have the mapping work and negotiations completed.

Watch this space for more information…

Investment In the B4RN Network

Investment in the B4ST project continues to be strong, but we need more, so if you are thinking of investing, please download and apply to invest using the form below:


If you want to invest but have not done so yet, please do it as soon as possible. The quicker we can raise the full capital needed, the quicker the roll out of the network will be.

B4ST is a community project, which relies on everyone making it happen
–  planning, organising, investing or digging.

The project needs to be totally self-sufficient, both in terms of work force and money. This means that the community needs to get involved and offer their time and efforts to make it happen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whilst out and about talking to the people of Stainton, members of the steering group have identified a number of questions that people have relating to the B4RN network, how it is installed and how it will work.

We will be answering all questions and publishing them on our FAQs page of the B4ST website.
Have a look at the FAQ page here and check it regularly to see when new questions and answers have been added.
You can also ask members of the steering group or contact us on the website with any questions you have.

Next Steps

Here is what is taking place during March:

  • Steering group members meeting to discuss and refine map and route
  • Next steering group meeting – 26th March.
  • Investment – please invest now!

We’ll update you on what is happening whenever there is some news.

If you want to get involved and can offer help in any way, please contact us
Thanks for reading and please join in – there is lots to do!