Feb 2018 (Newsletter no. 1)

Welcome to the first B4ST Newsletter – keeping you up to date on all the latest developments in the project to bring B4RN
hyper-fast broadband service to Stainton.

The B4ST Steering Group – helping to make it happen

The B4ST steering group are a group of enthusistic members of Stainton Parish, who have volunteered their time and effort to help make the B4ST project happen.

Each member of the steering group has a job to do and has been appointed based on their skills and ability. What all members of the steering group have in common is a strong desire to bring B4RN broadband to Stainton for the good of everyone who lives in the parish.

Within the steering group, there are people working on the following jobs:
• speaking to landowners and organising wayleave (enablinging B4RN cabling to cross land)
• talking to residents of Stainton about the B4RN project and getting people to join in
• technical – liaising with B4RN and mapping the network route
• laying cabling – hands on teams actually digging and laying the network cabling
• administrative – organising, communicating and collating information to make it all happen
Everyone has been doing a lot of work, and there is lots more to do!

The B4ST Steering Group and their main roles:
Pauline Kelly – Steering Group Chair, liaison and coordination
Marianne Bastille – Meeting minutes, coordination, admin
Nick Matthews – Finance secretary
Graeme Green – Technical liaison with B4RN, mapping
Joe Bowman – Technical liaison with B4RN, mapping
Mike Wright – Cable digging and coordination
Ian Little – Wayleave negotiator, cable digging and coordination
Marlene Little – Coordination with other parishes
Glynn Waterhouse – Community liaison, admin
Geoff Wilson – Wayleave negotiator, coordinator
David Galbraith (Westmorland team) – facilitating steering group meetings, print
Rob Cowley – Website, e-newsletters, communications

B4ST Steering Group Meeting – 30th January 2018

The B4ST steering group met on Tuesday 30th January at the County Showground offices to discuss where we are with the B4ST (B4RN for Stainton) project.

January has been a busy month – since the New Year, members of the steering group have been out in the parish, going door to door and working hard to spread the word of the project. There has been a fantastic response and we are making great progress.

At the meeting, we heard that BARN are very positive about our Stainton project. There has been great interest from many other communities wanting the service, so much so that they have now put a block on new projects to ensure that they have capacity to make existing ones happen. This is good news for Stainton, as initial discussions and meetings before Christmas have set us on the road to making it happen.

Wayleave Training meeting 29th January 2018

The steering group wayleave team met at Glynn’s house on 29th Jan, to discuss the next steps for talking to landowners and agreeing wayleave. Wayleave is an agreement with landowners that allows the necessary fibre cabling to run across private land. This all has to be agreed before we can commence laying the cabling ducts, so is an important first step in the process.

A member of the B4RN team was present at the meeting and gave training on using Google Earth, as this is the tool that will be used for mapping the parish, land borders and routes for the network. Graeme and Joe are working on a Google Earth polygon of the parish which can then be submitted to B4RN, who will then work on a detailed first draft of the proposed route for trunk and spur cabling, subject to wayleave agreement.

Now is the time to invest in B4RN

There has been a great initial response to making B4ST happen, including a number of people wishing to invest in the project. Initial investment has secured B4RN’s cooperation, meaning that the project will happen, but it’s now really important that anyone wishing to invest in B4RN does so now.


If you want to invest but have not done so yet, please do it as soon as possible. The quicker we can raise the full capital needed, the quicker the roll out of the network will be.

B4ST is a community project, which relies on everyone making it happen
–  planning, organising, investing or digging.

The project needs to be totally self-sufficient, both in terms of work force and money. This means that the community needs to get involved and offer their time and efforts to make it happen.

Investment Information

Investment in B4RN offers excellent opportunities for tax relief and return on investment.
Here are some quick facts:

• B4RN is a not-for-profit organisation.
• You can invest anything between £100 and £100,000.
• All shareholders are members of B4RN. One member one vote.
• Shares must be held for a minimum of 3 years.
• Individual investors can claim 30% tax relief
(HMRC Enterprise Investment Scheme).
• In year 4, dividend of 4-5% is paid out in shares. Dividend shares can be cashed in or held.
• Some shareholders choose to invest £1,500 and claim free connection worth £150.
• Shares can only ever be sold back to B4RN at £1 each.

Many people have decided to invest £1500, which gives you free connection to the service. If you choose to do this, you hold £1500 of shares but can claim tax relief on £1350 of the investment (£1500 less the £150 connection).

More details on investing can be found on the B4RN website and here on the B4ST website

If you need more information or help with investing, please speak to one of the steering group or contact us.

We are adding more information to the B4ST website all the time, but if you have a particular question about B4RN,
or anything to do with the B4ST project, please get in touch and we will get back to you.
We’ll also add your question to the FAQ section of the B4ST website.

Next Steps

Here is what is taking place right now and the next couple of weeks:
• Wayleave negotiations with land owners
• Investment – please invest now!
• Wayleave group meeting on 13th February to discuss map and route
• Next steering group meeting – 1st March.

We’ll update you on what is happening whenever there is some news.

If you want to get involved and can offer help in any way, please contact us
Thanks for reading and please join in – there is lots to do!