B4RN Hyper-fast broadbandThe B4RN Stainton project is now underway!

After a successful couple of community meetings to gauge support from the people of Stainton the project is now off the ground.

B4RN for Stainton (or B4ST) now has a steering group, chaired by Pauline Kelly. The steering group comprises a number of individuals from the parish who each have a role to play in making this happen and will meet regularly to help move things along. Each one believes in the project, and will work hard to make it happen, but for the project to work, we need the community to come together for the greater good, join in and play a part in making it happen.

We have set an ambitious but very possible target of having Stainton connected to B4RN in 12 months. Members of the steering group will be out and about in the community, spreading the word and talking to households about the benefits of B4RN in the coming days and weeks. For the project to work successfully, we need enough people to want it to happen, so please consider carefully the benefits of coming on board and register your interest, either here on the website, or by talking to our steering group advocates when they call round.

Together we can make B4RN Stainton a reality – and all enjoy the benefits of a world-class hyper-fast broadband service to our parish.