B4ST - B4RN Stainton

B4ST – Hyperfast B4RN broadband for Stainton

Gigabit Vouchder Scheme

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B4ST is a community-led project, bringing hyperfast broadband to Stainton Parish. B4RN enables communities like Stainton to come together, invest in and implement their own hyperfast broadband network, using the skills and guidance of B4RN. Successful B4RN projects are already up and running in neighbouring parishes all around Stainton, so our aim is to extend this to our parish, giving all households the opportunity to benefit from a world-class hyper-fast broadband service.

Why do we need B4RN?

The people of Stainton Parish currently have poor broadband. The likelihood of big improvements from existing providers is slim because it costs them more to install the service to rural properties than it does to urban/suburban properties.

So what do we do about it?

The people of Stainton are an able bunch, and have come together to form their own B4RN project – B4ST (Barn for Stainton). The project is not for profit. Using the skills of the people in the commumity we are going to implement B4RN for the parish of Stainton. This involves everyone who is interested joining in, getting involved in whatever capacity they can and doing something good for the community. In return for this hard work, we all get the fastest broadband available for a very reasonable monthly charge.

How will it work?

The project involves laying high-speed fibre optic cables, to an agreed plan, wherever possible across farmers’ fields. This is MUCH cheaper than digging up the roads, and totally independent of other providers’ networks (i.e. BT). The digging, connections and services are provided through a combination of community volunteers, donations, and farmers digging in return for shares in the broadband company.

The B4RN connection speed starts at 1,000Mbps and has a much higher capacity than BT are planning for many years, as it is fibre all the way to the home. Once connected to B4RN, the monthly cost will be around £30 per property, which is very competitive with BT and other providers, and much cheaper than a dedicated line.